RGB 13

2013, 6 x 9 in., 272pg. on 50lbs. Text and 80lbs. Glossy

The 2013 Graduate Book opens up new ways for the graduating class to understand their journey alongside their collegues in and outside their own programs. Through a series of surveys, key themes that transended disciplines were noted and allowed the development of a personalized 'See Also' footnote for each student. The book was also divided into two distinct sections; one focusing on the artists themselves while the second focused exclusively on the work. This seperation allowed for each student to present themselves through multiple voices and an audience to understand both the individual and cumulaitve narratives of the 2013 graduating class.

Designed in collaboration with Brienne Jones and Chloe Sheffe alongside editorial team members Zackary Futterer, Brien James, and Aaron Toby.

Documentation by Chloee Sheffe.