Al Manakh 2 Quantitative Appendix

2010, Data Visualization

Volume’s special issue Al Manakh Gulf Cont’d — 536 pages on the Gulf region from 139 contributors based in over 20 countries launched in April 2010, both in the Gulf and beyond. Over a year of researching, questioning, commentating, and evaluating topics that have evolved from the Gulf have been collated into this edition, limited only by the size of your postbox.

The project of Al Manakh collects narratives over the year. And with a year of research comes a year of data. The intention of this project was to engage an alternative vantage into the making of Al Manakh.

The quantitative appendix was created to supplement the qualitative publication – in hope that from looking back, and the reader looking forward, we can enhance the conclusions that represent this schism in time of a continuing Gulf.

Visualization 1: A Year of Research
A cross-section of the editorial research team: topics, activities, networks, and biases.

Visualization 2/3: Sources to Subjects
Illustrating where the source and type of information came from to what becomes of it in the print outcome. This prompts questions such as: if 48% of sources are from business news agencies, yet 61% of our content was written by cultural professionals, does Al Manakh what sort of commentary does the project make?

Visualization 4: Looking Back and Forward
What this analysis means to Al Manakh: Gulf Continued and how it may influence future publications.

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