Al Manakh 2: Gulf Continued

2009, 536pg.

Al Manakh is the collaborative initiative to monitor, reveal and forecast new urban developments unfolding in the Gulf region. This analysis focuses on how the Gulf’s recent pace has not only shaped its own urban centers but also releases significant effects beyond its borders. Al Manakh 1 revealed how existing models of urban development have been imported and implemented on a vast scale in Gulf cities; Al Manakh 2 will chart how cities like Abu Dhabi, Doha and Dubai are responding to the global economic crisis as a means to continue holding their stake in a global context. These cities are at once challenged to confront their usual patterns of development and forced to produce revised responses to changing economic and social forces.

Al Manakh Gulf Continued offers the public once again its overview of the Gulf cities, this time focusing on how, amid a quickly changing economic landscape, these cities are reexamining their methods and their relationships with the rest of the world. Tempered by economic slow-down but equipped with financial and development know-how, these cities are reaching out beyond their borders to export development and urbanization to parts of the world not yet participating in global urban investment. Al Manakh Gulf Continued covers the geopolitical, technological, environmental and financial aspects of this ongoing transformation. Cities of Saudi Arabia and Iran are also added to the scope.

Al Manakh Gulf Continued was published as special edition of Volume Magazine by Archis, OMA/AMO, Pink Tank and NAi.

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